Art of the Selfie

September 22 - November 11, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, September 22,  5-7pm
Artist Talks: Friday, September 22, 5:30pm
Panel Discussion: Thursday, November 9th 6-8pm

Guest Curator: Sarah McCutcheon Greiche

"Art of the Selfie" works to expand our understanding of the space between one side of the screen and the other. The selfie is not as simple as snapping a picture of oneself; the paradox of the internet is that even the most intimate forms of sharing are mediated by a screen. — Rachel Elizabeth Jones for SevenDays


The exhibition, "Art of the Selfie", at the Helen Day from September 22 to November 16, 2017 is curated by Sarah McCutcheon Greiche, an independent Montreal-based curator. Works in the exhibition will include Andy Warhol's self-portrait polaroids, photo-based images from Suzy Lake, Cindy Sherman, Carrie Mae Weems and others.  Performance based works from Marina Abramovic and “self-video” work from such artists as Hannah Perry will be also be shown. A young emerging artist from LA, Sarana Mehra, will present altered images appropriated from the internet.
The choice of works is based on a selection of contemporary artists, whose photo and video based and electronic works explore a kind of selfie imagery. Diverse and individual personae and archetypes are expressed through a vehicle that can loosely defined as Selfies. Techniques range from camera, electronic media, video, digital device to Internet-generated images. Self-portraiture is often associated with identity, distortion, and individuality. The artist is generally both sitter and author or generator in an intimate moment of personal revelation or invention.
Each of these artists plays with ideas of the assertion of self, identity, and presence, creating and transforming its meanings. Props, makeup, staging, electronic devices and other tools are used to develop narrative. Discernible within this broad concept of Selfies are many categories and possibilities: self-portraits, photo booth art, mug shots, autobiography, performance art, artist as object or subject. The link between performance art and photography was recently explored in a comprehensive exhibition at the Tate Modern in London called “Performing for the Camera”. The internet, of course, has spawned an epidemic of Selfies.

Panel Discussion:

Thursday, November 9th, 6pm - 8pm

Join us for a panel discussion of renowned artists and curators to complement "Art of the Selfie." Topics of discussion will include historical precedents of the rise of selfies in contemporary art and culture, and their use, appropriation, and distribution in art today.

The Panel:
Cheryl Sims
, Managing Director & Curator, DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montreal
Dana Dal Bo, Artist, "Art of the Selfie," Montreal
Andrea Rosin, Curator, Fleming Museum, Burlington
Sara McCutcheon Greiche, Curator, "Art of the Selfie," Montreal

Historical Selfies:

Andy Warhol (USA)

Carrie Mae Weems (USA)

Christopher Makos (USA)

Cindy Sherman (USA)

Marina Abramović (USA, born Yugoslavia)

Suzy Lake (Canada, born USA)

Contemporary Artists:

Dana Dal Bo (Canada)

David Henry Brown, Jr. (aka Mr. Nobody) (USA)

Hannah Perry (UK)

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Canada, born Mexico City)

Sarana Mehra (USA, born UK)


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