The Art on Burton

The Art on Burton examined the profound role of art and design on the culture of snowboarding.

Snowboarding’s imagery and products have consistently re-enforced its position as an outsider sport. These artists - and the creative teams at a company like Burton - are driving this sport and its significant sector of pop culture. There are few other examples where fine artists’ work reaches the public so directly and prolifically. Burton itself is a Vermont story about snow, art, design, a dream, and the success of a company, a sport and a culture.

Artists and Designers:


Thomas Campbell
Kevin Cyr
Mike Giant
Greg Gossel
Maya Hayuk
Andy Jenkins
Andrei Molodkin
Michael Montanaro
Jari Salo
Lance Violette
Andy Warhol
William Wasden



"The Pokies Art on Burton” exhibition may not be a comprehensive display of Burton art, but it certainly shows a slice of the freedom of expression that Burton graphics represent. - Burlington Free Press

Although now more readily accepted by the mainstream, snowboarding began as a counter-culture phenomenon, and the design associated with it was youth-oriented and cutting-edge. - HandEye Magazine

"We really wanted to take a look at visual artists who have work outside of designing snowboards." - Press Republican

The snowboarding revolution of the 1980s and ’90s brought new thinking, new style and a new culture to the mountain, but it also gave visual artists a practical, public canvas. - Stowe Reporter


WCAX Video 'The Art of Snowboarding'

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