Natalie Jeremijenko  |  Artist-in-Residence

February - April, 2017
On-Site Installation: February 2017

Presented by Spruce Peak at Stowe
Produced and Curated by Helen Day Art Center

Natalie Jeremijenko has been selected as the artist for the second year of the solo site-specific Artist-in-Residence Project on the grounds of Spruce Peak at Stowe in Stowe, VT. This project is the first of its kind presented by Spruce Peak at Stowe and produced and curated by Helen Day Art Center.

Spruce Peak at Stowe is visionary in its concept of art integrated into the landscape of the mountain and its desire to share this artistic experience with the ski resort community. They are partnering with Helen Day Art Center, the leading contemporary non-profit Art Center in the area, to realize this project.

Jeremijenko will be on-site in December to assess and develop her site specific project that will work with the existing emphasis on the environment that is shared by the artist and Spruce Peak. The project will be developed and installed in January 2017, coinciding with her solo exhibition in the galleries of Helen Day Art Center.

Natalie Jeremijenko is an artist, engineer and inventor with a speciality in environmental and urban issues.

In 2014 VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards Pioneer Prize was awarded to Natalie Jeremijenko “for her consistently brilliant portfolio of work over the past two decades.”  (a prize only awarded once before to Laurie Anderson). She was also granted Most Innovative People award in 2013, most influential women in technology 2011, one of the inaugural top young innovators by MIT Technology Review, and 40 most influential designers. Jeremijenko directs the Environmental Health Clinic—facilitating public and lifestyle experiments that can aggregate into significant human and environmental health benefits.

Jeremijenko is an Associate Professor in the Visual Art Department, NYU and affiliated with the Computer Science Dept and Environmental Studies program.  Previously she was on the Visual Arts faculty at UCSD, Faculty of Engineering at Yale University, a visiting professor at Royal College of Art in London, a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Public Understanding of Science at Michigan State University, and a Visiting Global Distinguished Professor at the NYU College of Arts and Sciences. Her doctoral studies include biochemistry, engineering (mechatronics, space-systems and precision engineering), neuroscience and History and Philosophy of Science. Jeremijenko’s practice develops the emerging field of socio-ecological systems design (or xDesign) crucial in the Anthropocene, using attractions and ongoing participatory research spectacles that address the C21st challenge to reimagine our collective relationship to natural systems. This integrates diverse strategies to redesign energy, food and transportation systems that can contribute to the common good, increase soil, aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity, and improve human and environmental health.

“wise, witty and bracingly fierce” ~ New York Times

“… Natalie Jeremijenko is probably one of the three or four most dynamic people on the face of the earth” ~ Wired Science

Public Events:


Thursday, 16th of March at Helen Day Art Center
wherein we explore and re-create life support systems for human-plant domestic partnerships.
unBOOK Manufactory 6pm - 7pm
wherein we explore bookmaking as both the practice of laying bets on various possibilities; and combining pages and binding socio-ecological contracts into a book form to catalog the organisms we have and observations we might take to remake health biodiversity.

Saturday, 18th of March at Spruce Peak Pavilion

unBOOK Manufactory 4pm - 6pm

Thursday, 6th of April at Helen Day Art Center
Design Review with Natalie Jeremijenko

Friday, 7th of April at Spruce Peak Pavilion
Secret Dance Party (shh!)

Saturday, 8th of April at Spruce Peak Pavilion
Artist Talk,  unBOOK Manufactory, and Bellydancing!

Artist-in-Residence Project at Spruce Peak is curated by Rachel Moore, Executive Director, Helen Day Art Center.

For more information on Artist-in-Residence Project at Spruce Peak and related events, contact Rachel Moore, Curator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | +1 802 253 8358

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