Reclamation TALKS

August 4th, 7pm, 2018

Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center: Reclamation 
\ ˌre-klə-ˈmā-shən \ TALKS 
Image: Katie O'Hagan - Tectonic Shift

Reclamation \ ˌre-klə-ˈmā-shən \Noun; the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right.


Reclamation \ ˌre-klə-ˈmā-shən \ TALKS: August 4th, 7p.m.

This TEDx style event happened in partnership with Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center. These talks built upon the the national conversation sparked by the #MeToo movement. In the talks, speakers explore their perspective on the topic of Women and Power including body positivity, media literacy, art history, and how gender bias impacts women's lives, with the art world as one arena.


Watch the TALKS at the links below:

Reclamation /ˌrekləˈmāSH(ə)n/ TALKS builds on the national conversation about the #MeToo movement, and is presented in partnership and inspired by the exhibition Reclamation / rekləˈmāSH(ə)n/, at the Helen Day Art Center in Summer 2018. This exhibition features nationally acclaimed, contemporary figurative women artists painting women. In the TALKS, speakers will explore their perspective on the topic of Women and Power, how gender bias impacts women’s lives, with the art world as one arena.

About the speakers:

Robyn Greene Arrington is a seasoned creative executive with varied experience in the entertainment industry.  In her present role as Interim Head/Vice President of Original Programming & Production at TV One, Greene Arrington is a key member of the core team that shapes the network’s creative vision. Greene Arrington’s expertise has helped the network earn recognition and garner a number of awards, including an NAACP Image Award and a GLADD Media Award.  Her most recent projects are the TV One ratings and trending successes, Uncensored, an intimate celebrity documentary series; Bobbi Kristina, an innovative biopic; and Two Sides, an investigative crime & justice limited series that Viola Davis executive produced as well as narrated.

Nell Scovell is a television and magazine writer, producer, director and collaborator on the #1 New York Times bestseller Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. She is the creator of the televisions series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and her TV writing credits include The Simpsons, Coach, Monk, Murphy Brown, Charmed and NCIS. She has directed two movies for cable television and an episode of Awkward. She has contributed to Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times.  She lives in Los Angeles and Boston.  

Additional speakers will be announced in July. Please check back for updates!


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