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Summer camps for ages 3-17 inspire young artists to explore, innovate and create!

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Registration requires a $50 non-refundable deposit. Payment in full is due 2 weeks prior to the start of camp. There are no refunds for cancellations 30 days or fewer before the start of camp.
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2018 Summer Camps:


Art Extravaganza 
Art & Nature

Cardboard Masks and Action Painting  
Painter's Sketchbook
Interactive + Ephemeral Public Art
Tee Pee Palooza
Abstract Photography 
Claymation & Comics

Wearable Art

June Fashion Design 
July Fashion Design

Starring Me; Digital Media
Filmmakers Workshop

Instructor Bios


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A Stowe Parks and Rec partner camp
Ages 5-12
Session I: June 18-22
Session II: August 20-24
Stretch your creative muscles with Action Painting, Mural Design, Found Object, and Mixed-Media collage. This week long, 1/2 day class, presents a rich opportunity to explore painting, sculpture, and more with traditional and non-traditional materials. Students will create exciting 2D and 3D art pieces. Combine this with another half-day camp at Stowe Parks and Rec for a full day of fun and activity!
Session I Instructor: Robyn Alvin
Session II Instructor: Brittney Sargent

$130/$140 single week | $200/$220 both weeks
Register for this camp at:
www.stowerec.org or call 802-253-6138
*HDAC membership discount does not apply for these camps

Ages 3-5
June 25th-June 29th
$190 (member) | $215 (non-member)
Discover the great outdoors through art! Partake in nature walks, creative outdoor games and art using a variety of media. Art-making will be explored through story-telling, active exercises, and art projects created specifically for early learners. Each child will gain familiarity with art materials, practice observational and verbal skills, and work with other students through group projects.
Instructor: Stephanie Drews-Sheldon

Art & Nature Camp

July 16th-20th
Ages 5-7 
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)
In the morning campers will design masks and costumes to fit inside of, or fully hide behind. Students will create a video performance of their costumes coming to life on the final day. This detail oriented morning pairs well with its afternoon counterpart of action painting, where the classroom is both inside and out.  Students will look at historically relevant and modern abstract artists then create high-action abstract paintings using unlikely materials in unusual ways. Rocks, balloons, straws and more will be used to splash, drip and spin highly textured abstract creations. 
Instructor: Robyn Alvin

Masks & Action Painting Camp

Ages 8-11

July 16th-20th
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)
Beginning and returning students explore the world of painting through guided instruction and individual choice. Students work from observation and from their imaginations. They learn art elements and principles through practice with a variety of media including pencil, ink, watercolor, pastel and tempera. Students create both indoors and out. Their artwork delightfully captures the natural beauty and the wonder of  Stowe.  Field trips to a variety of local galleries directly expose children to various styles and masterful techniques. 
Instructor: Karen Abbruscato

Painter's Sketchbook Camp

Ages 9-13

July 23rd-27th
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)
Inspired by the work of modern day public artists and propelled by individual values, students will work together to brainstorm and install highly collaborative ephemeral and interactive public creations within walking distance of the Art Center. 
Instructor: Robyn Alvin

Ephemeral Art Camp

July 30th-3rd
Ages 5-8 
$190 (member) | $215 (non-member)
Build, design, and decorate your very own fabric teepee! Campers will explore the history and traditional uses of teepees then design and build their very own. Students will paint and print on the fabric, decorate the wood interior and even sew on decorations. Perfect size for play time and totally portable.
Instructor: Brittney Sargent

Tee Pee Palooza

July 30th-August 3 
Ages 9-13
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)
This camp will combine abstract photography with collage and self expression. Students will explore photography techniques like cropping “with their feet” and will be challenged to push their concept of photographic subject matter. They will work with their printed images to create mixed media collage for their lockers, journal covers or pencil holders. Using a combination of images and mixed media, students will transform everyday objects into unique works of art.
Instructor: Robyn Alvin

Photography Camp

July 31st-August 4th
Ages 8-10 
$325 (member) | $350 (non-member)

In the morning, campers will create a 3D setting within which their clay characters will interact. Throughout the week, artists will learn basic techniques of animation and will further develop their budding abilities to team with peers. A final day production will be videotaped and open for family attendance. In the afternoon, young cartoonists will explore why they’re drawn to a specific visual style or genre from their reading or viewing experience. By exploring what makes a story and how to tell stories visually students will build a world and characters for their comic creation. Students will draw from life and learn how to simplify items and characters to be drawn again and again from our imagination. Students will compile a book filled with a collection of the groups’ comics. 
Clay Instructor: Robyn Alvin
Comics Instructor: Brittney Sargent

Clay Puppetry and Comics
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August 13th-17th
Ages 8-10
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)
Campers will examine the fashion industry and how ideas can emerge from anything they see. Students will kick off the week with a collaborative textiles creation to fine tune their sewing machine skills.  They’ll use old clothing, fabric or thrift shop finds to recycle and create new clothing from their own designs. They’ll also design and create wearable art from recycled and found objects. Campers will wrap up a week of design with a mini fashion show of their own! All experience levels welcome.
Instructor: Brittney Sargent

Wearable Art



June 25th-29th
July 9th-13th

Ages Ages 11-17
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)

Take pieces of clothing and rearrange them into a whole new wardrobe! Working on sewing machines, you will learn how to redesign old clothing into your new favorite outfit. Raid your closet, visit a used clothing store; bring buttons, sequins, lace, ribbon and other accessories to add. Basic sewing skills helpful but not necessary.
June Instructors: Donna Collins and Jolene Lane
July Instructors: Donna Collins and Robyn Alvin

June Fashion Design Camp
July Fashion Design Camp

August 7th-11th
Ages 12-17
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)

Using iPads and computers, students will create a series of multi-media self-portraits by experimenting with selfies, video, digital collage and poetry. Campers will then explore how metaphor, symbols and abstraction add meaning to visual storytelling by creating a movie trailer starring themselves! Online portfolios will be created for each student to showcase their work.
Instructor: Kristina Gosh

Starring Me; Digital Media Workshop

July 30-Aug 3
Ages 11-17
$325 (member) | $350 (non-member)
In the morning campers will explore what it takes to become a cartoonist as they strengthen their cartooning skills through drawing games, speed drawing, and storytelling exercises. They will explore how cartooning can be applied to character design, animation, storyboarding, and comics and wrap up the week with a book of their own comics. In the afternoon, expanding on the concept of cartooning and illustration, campers will create larger than life cartoons.  Using large canvas, paints, and basic cartooning skills, artists will develop one of a kind comics and illustrations that will be exhibited outdoors. Students will discuss how cartooning was originally used as a means to develop larger paintings, and use a similar method to develop larger than life contemporary cartoons. 

Morning Instructor: Stephanie Zuppo
Afternoon Instructor: John Carvajal

Cartooning; Big and Small

August 13th-17th
Ages 11-17
$300 (member) | $325 (non-member)

This workshop will encourage creative work among emerging and beginner filmmakers and celebrate their passion for film and movie making. Students will work with peers to develop a film of their own vision from start to finish. Participants will write their own scripts, create plotlines, take part in directing, acting, designing, editing and producing! They will uncover past and present films, analyze how these films capture viewers then examine how they can do the same.
Instructor: Joe Smith


Filmmakers Workshop
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Instructor Bios - Summer 2018

Karen Abbruscato has been a professional educator and visual artist for over thirty years. Her strategies are planned, developed and recalled from many experiences teaching all ages in a variety of schools and settings in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Vermont. Karen presently lives in Lunenburg, Vermont where her artwork (Blue Spruce Studios) is focused upon Two-Dimensional Imagery and Fiber Arts.

Robyn Alvin currently works as an art educator, freelance photographer, and web developer while building experience toward her ultimate goal: becoming a curator for a funky, modern arts gallery. Alvin graduated from the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA with a BA concentrating on photography. She has worked as an assistant to Vermont painter Jess Grahan and since 2008 has worked as an assistant to artist and stonemason Thea Alvin. She has shown her fine art photography for the Goddard Gallery, is a regular at the Rock Paper Scissors Gallery in Morrisville, VT and continues build on her collective experiences with travel to Asia, Europe, and across the United States.

John Carvajal is a cartoonist/painter/illustrator from Clearwater, FL but currently living in West Brookfield, VT. He received his BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design and an MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies. John has had the pleasure of exhibiting his comics internationally and received a grant award for his short story De Aquí Allá. His work has been seen on The Nib, Eater, Vermont Folk Life Center, Massachusetts Historical Society, Composition Studios, and others. 

Donna Collins has been in the garment industry since the 4th grade when she sold doll clothes to her friends. She has done costume design for the Lyric Theatre and The Flynn Center for Performing Arts. She has also worked for Garnet Hill, Burton, Brystie and the Johnson Woolen Mill. Donna does everything from designing to pattern making and is currently working as a freelance design technician.

Stephanie Drews-Sheldon recently moved to Vermont and creates commissioned and gallery furniture pieces, as well as small production work She earned her MFA in Wood Design from East Carolina State University where she taught deisgn and wood design classes. Stephanie spent 12 years working at an independent school in Washington D.C. teaching and creating art, woodworking, and ceramic curricula for all ages.

Kristina Gosh is an interdisciplinary teaching artist, curriculum designer, and art activist based in Chicago and Vermont. Her creative practice twists together digital and analog imagery, and explores the dichotomies of everyday life through installation, digital collage, social performance, writing, sculptural painting and yoga. Kristina taught at Columbia College Chicago for five years where she was on faculty in the television department and an arts integrationist and after-school instructor at the Center for Community Arts Partnerships. Her work has been exhibited at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Center for Book & Paper Arts, The Chicago Humanities Festival, and Art on Track Chicago-a mobile performance art festival on a CTA train. Kristina holds a double BA in Studio Art & French from the University of Vermont and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media from Columbia College Chicago.

Jolene Lane’s mother taught her to sew as a young girl and she has not stopped since. She works as a home sewer for Prints & Patches Quilt Shop and also designs and creates her own products. Jolene has a MA in Art Education and is a licensed art teacher.

Brittney Sargent is a digital and traditional illustrator based out of Vermont, who received a BSA in Fashion Design from Mount Ida College. She grew up drawing the animals in her backyard, and fairy tale creatures. She uses her knowledge of animals and her studies in Fashion design to develop unique and interesting clothing for the characters in her illustrations, ranging from children in everyday clothing to fairy tale creatures in otherworldly outfits.

Joe Smith is a native Vermonter currently enrolled at Northern Vermont University pursuing a degree in Art Education. Along with filmmaking, he focuses on graphic design and other forms of digital media. His artwork has been exhibited in the Vermont Congressional Art Show and Johnson Studio Center. He has previously participated in the Vermont SkillsUSA advertising design competition in which he garnered second place. Joe takes pride in assisting young filmmakers in directing their own vision and sense of life into their work. He is currently involved in social justice work and travels around the world to assist communities and explore their social, political, and cultural dynamics.

Stephanie Zuppo is a Cartoonist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer originally from Philadelphia, but currently stationed in Burlington, VT. She received her BFA in Illustration and Design at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and an MFA in Comics at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. She was, up until recently, the head of library staff at The Schulz Library and currently teaches comics and cartooning workshops to kids and adults of all ages. Besides printing and distributing her own comics, she has also appeared in several comic anthologies, including Dirty  Diamonds #6Earthbound Party!Summer: Quick & Dirty #2, and Maple Key Comics issues 4 & 5. She is also the co-founder of Blank Party!- a video game based comics collective. Prior to moving to Vermont to learn about comics, she had worked as a freelancer, web & UI/UX designer, storyboard artist, and project manager for a couple of different companies. She is a master of many trades. 











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