Suzy Spence: On the Hunt

June 22 - August 24, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 22, 5pm - 7pm

Curated by Amy Rahn

On the Hunt, an exhibition of figurative paintings by Brooklyn and Montpelier based artist Suzy Spence, considers contemporary power struggles through the elegant metaphor of fox hunting. Spence’s paintings turn the genteel athletic, sartorial, and social tradition of fox hunting toward lucid social commentary; she appropriates the sport’s traditions and painted genre scenes to turn a traditional subject into a psychologically-rich vision of riders on the trail of a more ambiguous quarry. The figures that congregate in Spence’s paintings could be characters jilted by a secret loss, or steely survivors of an unknown war. In groups, they turn their faces toward each other in dark complicity—soldiers, sisters, friends. They are on the hunt. --Amy Rahn 

Public Lecture:

Suzy Spence & Christa Kemp, Green Mountain Hounds Master of Foxhounds in Discussion, Thursday, July 11 5pm

Join Master of Foxhounds Christa Kemp and painter Suzy Spence as they discuss the history and traditions of fox hunting as it evolved in Europe, and is currently practiced in Vermont (without hunting actual foxes). Learn why the signature red coats some hunters wear are called “Pinks,” the survivalist origins of stock ties, what contemporary fox hunting has to do with conservation, and why the first English fox hunters were really rebels. Suzy will also explore how these topics inform her work.



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