December 18, 2014

Current Exhibitions

Current exhibitions at the Helen Day Art Center.

Unrest: Art, Activism & Revolution

the conviction and perseverance of artists to create in the face of chaos, danger, and death

September 19 - November 23, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, September 19th 6:00-8:00p.m.


Public Studio "Road Movie" Public Studio, "Road Movie," 6 channel video installation

Shirin Neshat "Passage"Shirin Neshat, "Passage" Series, Cibrachrome print mounted on aluminum

  Murad Subay "Sectarianism"Murad Subay, "Sectarianism," Spray paint, stencil, latex paint

Murad Subay "12th Hour"Murad Subay, "12th Hour," Stencil, spray paint, latex paint
Pedro Reyes "Palas por Pistolas"Pedro Reyes, "Palas por Pistolas," Shovels made with metal of 1,527 destroyed guns by the inhabitants of Coaliacan, Mexico 

Claire Fontaine "We are with you in the night"Claire Fontaine, "We are with you in the night," illuminated arabic script 

Artists have been at the forefront of revolutions for centuries, producing work that has an immediate political impact, or is responding to civil unrest. This exhibition takes its inspiration from the Arab Spring, and looks at the impact that artists have on political and social reform in countries like Egypt, Yemen, Israel, Palestine, Iran, and the United States. Unrest looks at artists as activists, revolutionaries and visionaries.

Participating Artists:

Lara Baladi

Steve Lambert in Collaboration with The Yes Men

Murad Subay

Public Studio

Packard Jennings

Shirin Neshat

Michael Rakowitz

Claire Fontaine

Pedro Reyes



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